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My body falls together with music TRANS by Full Moon Party



I had ever had a heart deprived by the sound of the drum being deified when I am little before.
I have the sound which affects a big stomach by the simple rhythm remembered that heart even beat even breathing fit fast beat energy intoxicate .

 After that, middle school days become the ages of electoricsound such as beatles.

The low tone of the base and the impact noise of the bus drum gave me a forgotten feeling of intoxication the reality.




After that, a stimulative information flood is surging in the Vietnamese anti-battle, the student movement, the disco, the freedom, Indian music, the jazz, my generation.

It met a trans while an old memory and a stimulus revived again when it went through about 20-year lives in the simple life of living that it gets married, and the inside of the system and it was returned to me suddenly after it worked.








As for the characteristics of sound, it is a basis to say the melody of synthesizer which it flows at high speed from onto the rhythm of 4 time.

It is being called the pleasant party which rolls up with the drug, RAVE on one side young man's drug connect transformer music explosion ring.

It can get a kind of feeling of the arrival by the melody line that it is repeated with synthesizer.

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