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Three great festivals in Obihiro City

The so-called sandai-matsuri, or "three great festivals" of Obihiro are the Ice Festival (Koori Matsuri), the Heigen Festival (Heigen Matsuri),and Chrysanthemum Festival (Kiku Matsuri).

The Ice Festival is held in late January/early February of each year in Midorigaoka Park, and has ice sculptures and other attractions.

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The Heigen Festival is held downtown during mid-August, and has the feel of a traditional Japanese festival, with Bon-odori dance and other attractions.

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The Chrysanthemum Festival is held in late October/early November, and has huge displays of one of the favorite flowers of Japan. The festival is held at the northern end of Chuo Park.

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Other Festivals
There are also numerous other festivals held throughout the year in Obihiro.
May brings the Sakura Festival, in which people go to admire the cherry blossoms, and the Arbor Day Tree-Planting Festival, in which citizens gather to plant trees in Obihlro-no-Mori.
The Poroshiri Music Festival, an outdoor music festival held near Yachiyo Ranch about 45 minutes southeast of the city center, is held in late July and attracts famous groups and lots of people.
During August there are a number of fireworks displays held, while autumn brings such events celebrating the changing colors of trees in such locales as Iwanai Gorge in southern Obihiro.