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Sightseeing in Tokachi

     The Tokachi area is a leading and advanced region of upland farming and dairy farming in Japan, and the central industry of Tokachi is agriculture.
Its spacious agricultural scenery reminds everyone of Europe and the contrast with the grand mountain scenery of surrounding Mt. Taisetsu, Akan National Park and Hidaka and Erimo Semi-national Park has become the main image of Tokachi.

There are many tourist facilities which take advantage of the rich nature, abundant hot springs and beautiful lakes , but because the facilities are scattered about, small-scaled and unpopular, they have become merely passing points.

The number of tourists going into the area totals 9,010,000 up until now, constituting 6.0% of the total number for Hokkaido. The tourists to the area are mainly day-trippers from inside of Hokkaido, and their number is the smallest among the tourist areas in Hokkaido.
Among all the sightseeing spots in the Tokachi area, Obihiro city, where the airport, the railroad station, convention halls and overnight accommodations are concentrated, has had 2,150,000 tourists, the largest number and 23.9% of the total within the area. Otofuke Town which has the Tokachigawa hot spring resort is ranked second with 1,360,000 tourists, accounting for 15.1% of the total for the area. Shintoku Town with the Karikachi Pass and Sahoro Resort, Shikaoi Town with Lake Shikaribetsu, Kamishihoro Town, a host town for a hot-air balloon meeting and lkeda Town with Tokachi wine follow in the order mentioned .

Recently, new tourist movements are growing including outdoor activities such as horse-
trekking and canoeing, and overnight-type tours in a rural area, such as staying in a private home while experiencing farm work. To meet the diversified touring forms , promotion of tourist spots by inviting tourists from the capital sphere as well as from the central area of Hokkaido, and by providing information and enhancing hospitality is needed.




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