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Sightseeing in Tokachi and,Obihiro

The Tokachi area is a leading and advanced region of upland farming and dairy farming in Japan, and the central industry of Tokachi is agriculture.

Its spacious agricultural scenery reminds everyone of Europe and the contrast with the grand mountain scenery of surrounding Mt.Taisetsu, Akan National Park and Hidaka,Erimo Semi-National Park has become the main image of Tokachi.

Obihiro city area  (photo)

winter (Ice festival)

summer (plain  festival)

station(promise to love)

Hidaka Mountains

Glucks Kingdom Park


horse sleigh race

local Beer(1)

local Beer(2)

local dish(ButaDon)

soybean field

autumn (harvest)

Potato (harvest)

(Japanese larch)

citizen farm



Obihiro museum of art


Obihiro history 100years museum

silver(white) birch Midorigaoka park


suburb of Obihiro (Hirose farm)


display of fireworks;



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