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Obihiro Cuisine

When you visit Obihiro, you can't miss meat dishes. This is the best place ta enjoy it in the Tokachi region. There are a lot of restaurants which serve good, un-expensive steak, pork outlet, grilled beef, Iamb, and chicken. Here are some introductions to some of the most delicious ways to eat meat in Tokachi.

Ginghis Khan

Ginghis Khan is a Hokkaido style barbecue in which mutton and seasonal vegetables are grilled on aspecial iron pan.

Each restaurant prepares a unique sauce in which the meat is dipped before grilling.

Be sure to sample the multitude of fine flavors at Obihiro'smany Genghis Khan restaurants.



Japanese originally cuisine

Soba Noodles are popular fast food in Obihiro.  And It becomes healthy if you eat  Soba Noodles.



One of the special praducts of
Obihiro You can eat it at any
diner in the city


Local  Beer

In Obihiro, you can taste
fresh local beer which is
brewed by three different



Honey corn








    Milk, butter, cheese, flour, red beans and granulated sugar. All of the ingredients, necessary to make a Cake, are produced in Tokachi.
    They are all fresh a privilege of Tokachi. So, there are a lot of confectioners and cake shops in Obihiro which are very famous in Hokkaido. Cake, ice cream, both Western-style and Japanese-style and so on, It's hard to decide which to eat.
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