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History of Tokachi

The Tokachi area has been dramatically developed since 1882. The development of Hokkaido was mainly carried out by Tondenhei (farmer-soldiers) . In the case of Tokachi, development was promoted by a private group led by Benzo Yoda of Banseisha.

Under the toughest conditions, they concentrated their energy on various projects. For example, potatoes, soybeans and sugar beet plant experiments were conducted, and they raised pigs and cattle . They also initiated a starch mill and a flouring mill, and experimented with cheese making as well.

However, they were confronted with great difficulties and all their projects ended up in failure. Despite their setbacks, their frontier spirit has been carried on by people of Tokachi, and now various activities are carried out at the citizen's level. Such outdoor activities, as horse trekking, sky sports and "Farminns"and Farm stay, have been taken up and are actively promoted.